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The Ultimate Guide To Cloning

Photoshop’s wide array of cloning tools is the cause of many of the absolute best and worst works created with the application. In a skilled and experienced hand, these tools lead to phenomenal results. In the hands of a careless artist, Photoshop cloning can be disastrous to the credibility of the result. This article introduces the several cloning tools available in Photoshop and goes over the proper usage and best practices of each.

Photoshops Painting Tools

In Photoshop, the painting tools are used to paint strokes, and fill areas with color or with colors that blend together. Knowing how to use the paint tools is a must for any artist who wishes to use Photoshop.  In order to use the brush tool to its full extent, it’s important to understand what exactly a brush is in Adobe Photoshop.

A Comprehensive Introduction to Photoshop Selection Techniques

Have you ever had difficulties making selections and thought there was a better way? Let’s review both quick solutions, and on the other side, comprehensive and details techniques for making selections. Each approach has it’s place in your workflow. The more methods you know how to use, the faster and more effectively you’ll move in Photoshop.

A Comprehensive Introduction to Photoshop Selection Techniques

How to remove objects from an image

This is a common task using Photoshop in works for clients. They give you their source image and you must “clean it”. This require of patience and analyzing the image you will work with. In this tutorial I will show you a very simple technique to do it.

In this tutorial I will show you a very simple technique to remove objects from an image

Retouch your Photographs with Photoshop

This tutorial will explain a little about the Red-eye removal tool, Healing brushes, the Mixer Brush tool, and how to use them to retouch your photographs.

Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop: Guide

Have you ever wanted to learn how to use and excell at Adobe Photoshop, but had no idea where to start? The amount of buttons and all sort of editing options can be very intimidating and overwhelming. Most Photoshop tutorials for beginners are really for people who are already familiar with the photoshop. This easy to use tutorial goes right back to the basics and soon you will be an Expert on PHOTOSHOP!            Click the link below to go to the tutorial

Click Here to Learn about Adobe Photoshop

You can also find additional Beginners Photoshop tutorials at SitePoint:  “Getting Started with Photoshop Article”